Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I extend my trip?
Ans.Yes Customers can extend their Trips provided they have to inform Us in advance

2.Is fuel included in tariff?
Ans. No Feul Isn't Included in the Tariff

3.Can I ride for Unlimited kilometres?
Ans. Yes, There is No Limit on riding distance

4.What if I return the bike late?
Ans. If this Happens the Next whole Day will be Chargeable

5.What is the minimum age for riding a bike?
Ans. 18+

6.What happens if I am unable to show the documents required to rent the bike?
Ans. Without Legal Identity Proof documents, We don't allow customers to take rent a bike/car

7. Where should I pick up the bike from?
Ans. Pickup and Return to Thivim Office Only.

8. Is there any speed limit on the bike?
Ans. Even If there is No Speed Limit for the Bike we Do not Recommend Riding or Rash Driving, There is Also a Speed limit for Different Roads and We hope customers will follow it.

9. Will I be getting a complimentary helmet?
Ans. Each Bike will have it's own helmet

Safety and Tips
1. What happens if I meet with an accident?
Ans. We treat accidents and injuries during bike rides very seriously. If you are in such a situation, you should first try to get any immediate in person help possible. Followed by this call the vendor immediately to inform him of the mishap. We advise you to inform us of the incident as soon as possible as well. Later the The Damage might be Payable.

2.What should I do if the bike breaks down?
Ans.We at Sai Samarth make sure that the bike we give to our Riders is of the best quality. However, some circumstances are beyond our control in such cases of bike troubles, it is best to call Us and we will assist you at once by either fixing the problem or providing you with a replacement bike within 1 Hour.

Security Deposit
1.How does Sai Samarth handle security deposits?
Ans. For scooty we take Rs.1000/- and 5000/- for Car as security deposit

2.What happens if I don’t get my security deposit back?
Ans. We Only Hold the Customers deposit Money Until the Bike/Car gets returned in the Same Condition

3.What if a Dealer asks for more money?
Ans. We dont ask for more money unless and until there is some damage by the customer to the vehicle.

Booking Cancellation
1.Will I get a refund if I cancel?
Ans. Upon booking a bike with Us,we reserve the bike for the customer. In case of cancellation unnecessary inconvenience is caused to us. To account for the potential financial loss, in case of cancellation before 24 hours of the Bike pick up time, 50% of the amount paid is refunded. However, if the cancellation is done within 24 hours of the pick up time no refund can be availed.

2.Can the date of an existing reservation be changed?
Ans. Yes existing date can be changed

3.How do I cancel my reservation?
Ans. Just Call Us Once and upon hearing a Valid reason we will cancel the reservation.

4.How long does it take to get the refund?
Ans. Refund is Processed Within 1-2 Hours.

5.What if Sai Samarth Rentals cancels the reservation?
Ans. If this happens We Refund the FUll Amount immediately.

What are your bike rental rates?
Please visit our Bikes and Car Rental Rates page for more information.
Adventure Awaits
Whether you are biking to the beach or just out exploring our beautiful coastal land, we are committed to providing you with a fun and safe experience.

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